Here are some testimonials from just a few of the many happy customers that we see here at Leigh Dunkason Dentures:

“Having been through five bridges since starting to wear dentures, I know quality when I wear it. I’ve had one set from Leigh and they’re still going strong. This man knows his game inside and out… so friendly… and always armed with a smile.” MR GERALD HICKS PORTSMOUTH

“I am delighted with the results, and my husband agrees that you've [LDD] really have helped me to ‘rediscover my smile’.”MRS J. THOMPSON BOTLEY

“ I have tried for over 18 years to get dentures to fit correctly and have a drawer full of dentures at home that did not fit correctly. Amazingly, L.D.D dentures began to feel comfortable after only a few days! ” MR JIM KING SOUTHAMPTON

“Can't thank you enough for my new dentures. I am extremely pleased with the extremely comfortable fit. It has really helped my confidence and appearance MRS NINA GREEN TOTTON

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