Helping your denturist and Helping LDD

Your denturist will develop your new set of dentures with meticulous attention to detail. You as the client have important information to share which is essential to the creation of these excellent dentures. Likely questions from LDD will be:

Q) What are the problems with your existing dentures?

Q) What improvements would you like to see?

Q) Are you comfortable or happy with the size, shape, colour and image of your dentures

Q) Can you eat, drink and speak comfortably with you existing dentures?

Q) What would enable you to rediscover your smile?

People often look best and feel happier when teeth of a similar size, shape and colour of their original teeth are reproduced. If you have a photograph or video showing them, then bring it along to your consultation with the denturist. A great denturist will match this closely to your original image.

When it is time to trial the final set-up of LDD dentures, it helps if you have a special friend or member of the family accompany you to confirm that your appearance is just right. Itís at this moment that we look to ìRediscover your Smileî.

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