Question and Answer

How many appointments do I need with LDD? Making a high quality unique set of dentures needs time, patience and a lot of effort. This usually means 4 or 5 visits to you denturist. Everyones face, mouth, teeth and gum requirements will be different. Each appointment will be a critical step towards how the final denture looks, fits and maps to your smile.

How long will it take to get used to my LDD denture? Donít expect to feel totally at ease with our new denture straight away. Initially you will produce more saliva than normal but this will soon right itself. At the start your denture may feel strange and large in your mouth even though it has been custom built for you. Donít worry n the time it takes to become accustomed to a denture varies from person to person. It is rather like riding a bicycle or swimming; wearing a denture soon becomes second nature.

Will my denture stay in place? Yes, in most cases a properly designed denture will fit well and feel comfortable, but if you worry about your denture slipping and think a denture fixative will give you a greater confidence, then use one! However, if your denture does feel loose, then have a word with your dentturist.

Should I take out my denture at night? Ask your denturists advice. Most denturists will advise you to take out your denture at night. Removing your denture whilst you sleep will give your mouth and gums time to recover from the stress of supporting the denture during the day.

What if my mouth feels sore? New denture wearers may experience a soreness which sometimes occurs within the first few hours of a denture being fitted. This is perfectly natural. If the soreness persists, or specific sore spots develop, make another appointment with your denturist and ask for adjustments to be made.

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