Cleaning routine

A healthy mouth is essential for a successful denture whether you wear a full or partial denture. It is recommended you should get into the habit of taking good care of your mouth and dentures right from the start.


By brushing your dentures carefully with a denture cream you will ensure any food residues or debris are removed. This is essential in reducing the risk of decay. As it is important that every part of the denture should be brushed, it is best to use a denture toothbrush with a small and large head. You should always remove dentures from the mouth before cleaning in order to clean the denture properly. Heavier or stubborn stains may require soaking in an effervescent solution. When soaking your denture use hot, not boiling water and always following the manufacturers directions for handling the denture.

The soft tissues that support the denture must also be brushed. This stimulates blood flow. Dentures are fragile, and have been made with precision to fit your mouth alone. Careful handling by you is essential. Always handle your denture over a soft surface, so that if the denture is dropped it will not be harmed. In the bathroom, handle the denture over a basin which has been filled with water. Always take care not to grip too tightly in the supporting hand as this could cause the denture to bend and fracture.


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