Smile, Eat comfortably, Exude confidence with new LDD dentures

LDD dentures will have a positive impact on the way you lead your life. Essentially they will make the world of difference to you! We offer a comprehensive range of expertly designed natural looking teeth crafted by hand, with superior comfort and function leaving you to get on with your life without worry or embarrassment. By choosing LDD you are getting a clinician and denturist that is skilled to artistically create good dentures in a proper laboratory.We carefully consider your budget and craft a quality product bespoke to your own personal needs.

If you want one of the most experienced denture advisers in the South to design and construct your new appliance then we may be just what you are looking for.

Call in or phone now for a FREE CONSULTATION (by appointment) or for friendly and professional advice.

Clinic hours: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm 02380 223 835

Other hours: Evenings - Weekends 01489 565 728

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